MacBook Air 15 Inch

A 15-Inch MacBook Air Has Apparently Entered Production And Will Release In April

Yes please.

Several reports from the likes of analyst Ross Young as well as Bloomberg have detailed that a new 15-inch MacBook Air has entered production and gearing up for an April launch.

It’ll have a 15.5-inch display, and it’s likely that it’d be the exact same design as the most recently released MacBook Air and feature an M2 chip. Previously, Apple had offered 11″ and 13″ options, but with the new form-factor, a larger display would be fantastic for creatives.

There had been previous reports that this new 15″ MacBook would in-fact not have the Air title and just be labeled a standard MacBook, somewhere in the middle between the 13″ MacBook Air and 14/16″ MacBook Pros.

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We’ll keep you posted if and when this gets announced with the all the Australian details.