MSI Computex

A Bunch Of New MSI Laptops Have Been Revealed

So much goodness!


MSI took to the Computex to announce a huge new range of laptops including new updates to its gaming range, productivity range as well as updates to its Claw handheld range. It’s also worth mentioning that MSI currently is having a massive EOFY sale until June 30th at where you can get up to 35% off laptops and a $30 free Steam gift card too. Head here for more info. 


In the productivity space, MSI announced new Prestige and Summit laptops which both focus on AI to drive performance. Utilising Lunar Lake, it’s said that they deliver three times the AI performance with more than 100 TOPs of AI performance.

MSI Prestige Summit

The new Prestige series will come in 13-inch, 14-inch and 16-inch sizes with ultra-light bodies but large battery life being at the forefront. The Prestige 13 ASI+ Evo weighs just 990 grams and includes a large 75Wh battery life, with the entire range being upgraded to a 5-mega pixel webcam.

The Summit 13 AI+ Evo also features the Lunar Lake Intel Core Ultra processor, and the MSI Pen 2 stylus making it one of the most versatile 13-inch flip laptops on the market.


There’s a lot to be excited about on the gaming side, with the new Stealth A16 AI+ absolutely stealing the show for me. This is a 16-inch laptop that has an AMD Ryzen AI 300 series processor which provides strong AI computing power of up to three times the previous products.

It’s equipped with the latest NVIDIA RTX 40 series graphics for ultimate gaming and performance, and that’s all packed into a lightweight magnesium-aluminium alloy body with Cooler Boost 5 cooling and a huge amount of ports.

MSI Computex

Another new addition which I absolutely adored with the new Stealth 18 Mercedes-AMG Motorsport which is as luxurious as a laptop can be. It has an 18-inch screen with a Intel Core Ultra 9 185H processor as well as an NVIDIA RTX 4080 GPU, but the highlights are the Mercedes-AMG inclusions which is a large AMG pattern covering the palm rest area, the AMG logo on the top of the laptop and throughout and a super cool stop/start engine button that acts as a power button.


This was a genuine surprise walking up to the show floor with not one but two new MSI Claws featured on the show floor at MSI.

The MSI Claw 8 AI+ has a larger 8-inch display with 120hz VRR compatibility, uses the new Intel Core Ultra Lunar Lake processor, has an even bigger 80wh battery (the same as the Ally X) and two Thunderbolt 4 USB-C ports. There’s also improvements to the LB/RB and how they feel.

MSI Claw

MSI also announced the Fallout Limited Edition MSI Claw which has a rustic design and features the Vault-Tec logo on the front as well as Vaultboy on the back. This seems to be the same MSI Claw 7-inch version that released earlier this year and is an absolute treat for the eyes.

If you’re after just a regular MSI Claw, JB Hi-FI currently has some great discounts with the Core Ultra 7 version being $200 off and the Core 5 Ultra being $100 off.

Whilst on the show floor, I also got to meet MSI’s Executive Vice President And General Manager of NB Business Unit, Eric Kuo who had the below to say:

“MSI not only brings the industry’s most comprehensive AI+ PC lineup but also introduces multiple new laptops and handheld devices designed for car enthusiasts and gamers worldwide,” said Eric Kuo, MSI’s Executive Vice President and General Manager of NB Business Unit. “We welcome global guests to visit the MSI booth to experience next-gen AI computing and exciting gaming products.

As a reminder, if you’re after an MSI Laptop or MSI Claw, there’s currently some great EOFY deals.JB Hi-FI currently has some great discounts on the MSI Claw with the Core Ultra 7 version being $200 off and the Core 5 Ultra being $100 off.

If you’re buying a notebook, until June 30th you can get up to 35% off laptops and a $30 free Steam gift card too. Head here for more info.