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A LEGO Zelda Great Deku Tree Set Has Been Revealed With OOT/BOTW Variants


It’s been rumoured for sometime, but following in the footsteps of LEGO Mario and LEGO Animal Crossing, it’s now been revealed that the first LEGO Zelda set is on the way.

It’s the LEGO Great Deku Tree 2-in-1 set and it’s $450 AUD and includes 2500 LEGO pieces. It will release on September 1st and can be pre-ordered HERE.

The set is based around the Great Deku Tree and will be able to be transformed to represent the Breath of the Wild version as well as the Ocarina of Time version.

LEGO Zelda

As far as mini figures go, there’s a bunch of characters included including Young Link and Adult Link from Ocarina of Time as well as Breath of the Wild versions of Link and Zelda to go along with it. There’s a number of other elements including the Master Sword and Hylian Shield, a Sheikah Slate and an actual Ocarina as well as other characters such as Navi the Fairy.

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Zelda Mini Figs

As far as the actual tree goes, the Breath of the Wild version has an animated face that can be controlled with a lever on the back whilst the Ocarina of Time vresion has a mechanism where the mouth opens to reveal a Skulltula.

There’s also LEGO versions of Link’s House and the Master Sword pedestal that can be built to sit alongside the tree.