PlayStation Handheld

A New PlayStation Handheld That Can Play PS5/PS4 Games Natively Is Apparently In The Works


Fresh off releasing the PlayStation Portal, it’s rumoured that PlayStation is developing a handheld that can play PS4/PS5 games natively.

This is according to MLID, a known hardware leaker who says that the device will have a custom AMD APU that is “in the high level design phase” and “at least two years out”. It is claimed that it’ll be able to run both PS4 and PS5 games natively on the device.

Obviously, this could just be something that PlayStation is exploring, but might n0t see the light of day, but it seems more feasible than ever given PlayStation has released two great handhelds in the past. The issue with those was that PlayStation struggled to keep up with development for both of them, but with how tech has advanaced, this wouldn’t be an issue.

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Given we’ve seen a bunch of AMD handhelds such as the ASUS ROG Ally, the Lenovo Legion GO and a bunch of AYANEO handhelds that can all run AAA games such as Death Stranding, Horizon Zero Dawn and Returnal at 1080/60 FPS, it feels like the perfect time for PlayStation to release a handheld that can play PS4/PS5 games at lower specs, without having to develop seperate games for it.

It’s also rumoured that PlayStation will release a PS5 Pro later this year, so it’ll be interesting to see how it all shakes out in the coming months and years.