Samsung The Freestyle 2023

A New Samsung Freestyle Projector Is Releasing This Year With Paired Projections And Xbox Cloud Gaming Too

The Freestyle is back!

Alongside a bunch of new QLEDs and a fantastic sounding OLED TV, Samsung has announced a new The Freestyle that is releasing in the first quarter of this year, and it comes with some interesting new features.

The first is a new feature called “Edge Blending” where Samsung has made it so that you can use two freestyles to synchronise their projections into one ultra-wide display that is apparently 150 inches large. The two projectors essentially come together and cleverly keystone and adjust so that both display correctly into one image.

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The 2023 Freestyle is also getting Samsung’s Gaming Hub which includes Xbox Cloud Gaming so you’ll be able to play your Xbox games from the cloud on any surface as long as you’ve got your Freestyle handy.

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I rated the original Freestyle in my review and said: “Samsung’s The Freestyle Portable Projector is the most versatile portable projector that I’ve used to date. It might not be the brightest on the market, but it’s ease of use thanks to built-in apps and auto calibration make it the one that most will want to go for. I can’t wait to see where Samsung take this product in the future.”

I think I’m perhaps a little bit surprised though that particularly the Samsung Gaming Hub isn’t coming to last year’s The Freestyle, although I do remember the UI in particular being one of the main issues in terms of slowness.