Anker Nano Power Bank Review

Anker Nano Power Bank Review – Perfect For On The Go

Both worth having

Last year I reviewed the Anker 737 power bank which is great for charging almost any device whether it be the ASUS ROG Ally to your MacBook to your iPhone, but it’s large for most outings, so it’s just as well that Anker has brached out its latest range to include the Nano power banks, and I’ve been testing the 30W version and the 22.5w version which both are quite different.


The Anker Nano 30w version is almost like a smaller brother to the 737 as it shares that same vibrant colour screen that shows you exactly the percentage left as well as how long that is in time including how long left to charge it back up to 100% and this is honestly fantastic for those day trips interstate or events where you need to know exactly how much juice that you have.

Anker Nano Power Bank Review

I absolutely love how Anker has been innovating in this space, and the 30w Nano is a great example of that. It has a built-in undetachable USB-C cord that also acts as a handle when it’s not in use, so it’s super handy in the sense that the cord you need to charge your iPhone, Android phone or almost any other device in 2024 with you, and it can also be used to charge your power bank as well, so for most people, it’ll be the only cord that you need.

Anker Nano Power Bank Review

It’s capable of charging at 30w, which will be fine for most smart phones, and charging certain portable gaming devices or laptops, but if they’re turned on, it’ll probably struggle, but it’s the perfect power bank to chuck in your bag and have when you need it.

Anker Nano Power Bank Review

At 10,000 MaH capacity, it’s good for about three charges of the iPhone 15 Pro, and if you are needing to charge other devices, there is an additional USB-C port and USB-A port as well. It’s a big bigger than a stick of gum, so really have found myself taking this with me everywhere.

The Anker Nano 30w power bank will set you back $69.99 from Amazon.


The second power bank that I’ve found myself taking everywhere is the Nano 22.5w which I comes in a really popular flip design that attaches to the bottom of your iPhone, which I feel was really popular when power bank became a thing and then died out in favour of larger power banks, but I found this one great for taking out to dinners or after work when you need a bit of extra juice. It’s super tiny to the point that you can fit it in your pocket without feeling anything.

Anker Nano Power Bank Review

It’s great because it has a flip out USB-C cable that seems really sturdy and like it won’t snap off and this can also be used to charge the device by plugging into a USB-C hub, which is what I frequently do. It also has a secondary USB-C port for charging other devices. It’s rated for 22.5w of output, so perfect for fast charging an iPhone

With a 5,000mAh capacity, it’s good for a bit over one charge of an iPhone 15 Pro, which I found absolutely perfect for taking with me, bringing home and quickly charing back up.

Anker Nano Power Bank Review

The Anker Nano 22.5w power bank will set you back $54.99 AUD from Amazon and honestly I can’t recommend it enough.

All-in-all, I”ve been taking both of these with me in my backpack every single day and using the Nano 22.5w, if I’m with friends and need a discreet quick charge or the 30w if I’m on a plane or longer journey and need a longer charge.