Anker Prime WIreless Charger Review

Anker Prime Wireless Charging Base Review – An Absolute Game-Changer

Such a great improvement!

A few months ago I revealed the Anker Prime 12,000 mAh and 27,000 mAh Anker Prime power banks, and a feature that interested me most but I wasn’t able to test was the wireless charging, due to the charger arriving a little bit later in Australia.

I’ve now tested it, and it’s a huge game-changer in not only keeping your power banks charged, but also keeping devices charged. Everything that you need to take full advantage of it is in the box including the charger.

Anker Prime Wireless Charging Bank

The Anker Prime power banks all connect to the top of the base to provide 100w fast charging through the pins, and the magnetic snap is just enough to the point that it feels secure, but you can also quickly rip the power bank off without it pulling the whole base with it.

To see how quickly your power bank is charging, you can either look at the power bank screen or there’s also an LED indicator on the base itself that flashes when it’s charging and stays steady when fully charged.

I was already impressed with just how much easier it made my life when it comes to keeping my power banks charged, but there’s also three other ports in the base station as well.

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Anker Prime Wireless Charging Bank

There’s a 100w USB-C port which is great for charging laptops, a secondary USB-C port that can charge at up to 30w and a USB-A port that can charge at up to 25w. My only small criticism in this area is that the icons are very small for the two USB-C port, and I very often plug into the wrong one before realising that I can be charging a lot faster.

Really though, Anker has absolutely outdone itself with the Anker Prime range. If you’re someone like me that uses a power bank multiple times a day to charge a range of devices, there’s just not a better power bank range, and that’s only improved by the Prime wireless charging base, which helps keep them charged.

Anker Prime Wireless Charging Bank

Throughout the years I’ve not used so many power banks and ultimately tossed them out for either being hard to charge, or being really unclear in how much charge is in them, but that’ll never be an issue with the Anker Prime range.

The Anker Prime wireless charging base is available on the Anker website for $169.95 AUD.