Anker Charging Cube

Anker’s New Charging Cube Is An Insanely Cool And Compact Multi Charger

Love it!

There’s absolutely no shortage of wireless chargers on the market right now, but Anker has just revealed the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. It’s a 3-in-1 charging cube and in its original form, it really just looks like a cube, but it quickly pops out to reveal an Apple Watch charger, then the top folds up so that you can use it as a MagSafe charger and then underneath that houses a spot to also charge your AirPods.

It’s not only perfect for travel, but the fact that it is a lot smaller than almost any other 3-way wireless charger that I’ve seen is a game-changer.

So far, it looks to be exclusive to Apple in the US and costs $149.99 USD (~$235 AUD).

Anker Magsafe Cube