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Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset Is Apparently Still On Track For This Year

Some cool tech rumoured.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has revealed that Apple’s mixed reality headset is on track to be revealed ahead of WWDC in June before releasing later this year in Spring.

It’s thought that the headset will be branded “Reality Pro” or something similar, and be priced at upwards of $3,000 USD. According to Gurman, the headset has been seeded to a very small number of high profile developers so they can start creating apps for it.

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It’s thought that the headset will be incredibly advanced with iris scanning for login and payment and a physical dial that will let you switch between virtual reality and augmented reality.

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It’s said that the headset will focused on productivity over gaming, although it’s presumed that games will play a part in the device.

It’s not super surprising, but Apple still apparently have some kinks to iron out both on the software and hardware front, but that doesn’t seem too unusual given this is not only a totally new category for them, but a lot of the technology in the headset seems to be an industry first.