Apple Music Classical

Apple Music Classical Is A Standalone App Launching Later This Month

Another way to enjoy classical music

Apple has announced Apple Music Classical which is a new standalone app designed for classical music. The app will make it easy to find any recording in the world’s largest classical musical catalogue with optimised search and high quality music.

The app is launching in March 28th exclusively for iPhone at this point. Anybody that is subscribed to Apple Music will be able to access the service free of charge and the app is available to pre-download right HERE. 


  • The world’s largest classical music catalogue with over 5 million tracks and works from new releases to celebrated masterpieces.
  • Thousands of exclusive albums.
  • The ability to search by composer, work, conductor, or even catalogue number, and find specific recordings instantly.
  • The highest audio quality (up to 192 kHz/24 bit Hi-Res Lossless) with thousands of recordings in immersive spatial audio.
  • Complete and accurate metadata to make sure you know exactly what work and which artist is playing.
  • Thousands of editorial notes including composer biographies, descriptions of key works, and more.
  • Apple is working closely with some of the most prolific classical music artists and renowned classical music institutions in the world to offer Apple Music Classical listeners new, unique and exclusive content and recordings at launch and beyond. Follow Apple Music Classical on Twitter @appleclassical for news and updates.