Aussies Are Getting Their Hands On The ASUS ROG Ally Early


The ASUS ROG Ally isn’t due to release until Tuesday, the 13th of June, but several Aussies have reported that their units were arriving as early as yesterday (Friday).

Whilst the majority of pre-orders were done with JB Hi-Fi, the ASUS online store was also taking pre-orders and seem to have shipped their units out well ahead of the long weekend, with several Aussies getting a nice surprise yesterday with their units arriving early.


The ASUS ROG Ally is officially due to launch on June 13th. JB Hi-FI has already sold through two shipments with people that pre-order now set to receive their units around the 3rd of July.

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We loved our time with the ASUS ROG Ally. In our review, we said: “The ASUS ROG Ally feels like a genuine step forward in the handheld space. It has a glorious 1080p/120hz display, runs all PC games extremely consistently and for the most part behaves exactly as expected. Some minor glitches and the battery life are the only thing that can still be improved upon.”