The Super Premium AYANEO Kun Just Got A Price And Release Date

So keen!

AYANEO gave us our best look at the AYANEO Kun overnight and it’s absolutely set to be the new flagship Windows handheld.

It has an 8.4-inch 1600p display which will no doubt carry on AYANEO’s legacy of having the best displays in these Windows handheld devices. It also has a whopping 75Wh battery which to put into perspective is almost double the sizes of the ASUS ROG Ally.

AYANEO also showed off a new 54w TDP extreme gaming mode, which the battery can apparently last just under an hour whilst playing. Dropping down to a more reasonable 15-20w TDP should result in ~3 hours of battery life which is a big jump from what we had seen with other AYANEO devices.

The other big gamechangers are back buttons as well as dual touchpads, which bas been a big feature that gamers have been requesting as it’s a big hit on the Steamdeck.


It’s also the first Windows handheld to have a front-facing camera with Windows Hello face recognition, and it has a hidden nano simcard slot for 4G gaming as well.


We’ve listed the early bird Indiegogo prices below with the Indiegogo campaign launching on September 5th at 10:00pm AEST at this link. Units will start shipping to customers in the middle of October.

  • 16GB + 512GB (Black) – $999 USD (~$1,541 AUD)
  • 32GB + 1TB (White/Black) – $1,159 USD (~$1,788 AUD)
  • 32gb + 2TB (Silver/White/Black) – $1,259 USD (~$1,942 AUD)
  • 54GB + 4T (Silver/White/Black) – $1,699 USD (~$2,621 AUD)
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– 8.4″ 1600P high brightness wide color gamut IPS high brightness screen | Brilliant colors and high bright view of the world
– AMD Ryzen™ 7 7840U flagship processor丨Support up to 54W TDP
– New “KUNPeng” heat dissipation system beyond imagination
– 75Wh (19500mAh) ultra-large energy-dense battery
– Optimized grip sensation for large screen handheld
– Innovative dual 「TouchTAPMagic」intelligent touchpad
– Brand new floating eight-directional D-pad
– New convenient customizable back button
– Innovative support Windows Hello face recognition
– Immersive sound experience | AYANEO Hyper Sound stereo dual speakers
– Master controller | Large handle-level buttons
– Hall sensing joystick + Hall trigger
– AYASpace 2 | Optimized for large screen high resolution