AYANEO Next Lite

The AYANEO Next Lite Is A Budget Handheld That Runs SteamOS

A Steam Deck competitor!

AYANEO is set to release its first SteamOS handheld in the AYANEO Next Lite.

The device will come pre-installed with SteamOS and looks to be using the AYANEO Next shell (review here). The device has a 7-inch 800p high brightness display with a 47Wh battery as well as other features that are to be revealed. We don’t know what chip is featured in the device so that’ll be interesting to see.

AYANEO Next Lite

We’ll learn more about the AYANEO Next Lite in the coming weeks with subscriptions set to open later today. It’s unclear what the post means by “subscriptions” and whether it’ll be some kind of monthly payment instead of an outright cost, but no pricing information has been revealed yet.

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AYANEO is also soon to release the AYANEO Flip in two formfactors, one with two screens and one with a keyboard in the very near future.