The AYANEO Pocket S Is A Super Sleek And Powerful Android Handheld

Such a beautiful piece of tech

AYANEO has lifted the lid on its second Android handheld, the AYANEO Pocket S and it looks to be one of the nicest-looking and most powerful Android devices to release yet.

The Pocket S will have a 6-inch 1440p borderless mirror screen with a pixel density of 490PPI and 400nits of brightness. It has a super slim 14mm body and a metal texture that makes it look super high-end. It’ll release in black and white.

The device uses the new Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 SoC with a 3.36ghz CPU and an Adreno A32 1Ghz GPU which has a performance of 15W.


The device has a unique switch on the side which can change between performance modes, balanced mode and long-life mode with the press of a button.

There’s also a super unique three-mode vibration system with haptic feedback, vibrations in the actual unit and support for the XInpit protocol providing a native vibration when using an xbox controller.

AYANEO has announced that it will release a grip that the super slim Pocket S can be put into for extra comfort with longer gaming sessions as well.


Just like the AYANEO Pocket Air, it will have AYASPACE Android edition that will allow for quick launching of games and emulation management.

The AYANEO Pocket S is due to release in the coming months, with pre-orders going live on INDIEGOGO shortly. You can find out more about it on the website. 

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  • Snapdragon® G3x Gen 2 Gaming Platform丨Specifically Crafted for Gaming Scenarios, Fully Unleashes 15W Power Demand
  • Adreno™ A32 GPU with up to 1Ghz Clock Frequency丨Significantly Surpassing the 8 Gen 2 680Mhz丨Higher and More Stable GPU Performance
  • New High-End Design Language丨Featuring Matte All-Metal CNC Middle Frame丨”Fishbone” Biomimetic Design for Heat Dissipation
  • Unimaginably Thin & Light丨Android Flagship Handheld with Ultra-Thin Body丨Making It a Portable 14mm Gaming Marvel
  • 6″ 1440P Borderless Mirror Screen丨Setting a New Standard for Android Handheld Screens (1440P for the Special Edition | 1080P for the Standard Edition)
  • Up to 16GB + 1TB丨Catering to Extensive Gaming and Application Storage Needs
  • Large-Area VC Thermal Plate + Active Cooling System丨Surpass Traditional Smartphones in Terms of Heat Dissipation
  • Three-Mode Comprehensive Vibration丨Exclusive Support for Body + Controller + Sound Three-Mode Vibration
  • Master Controller丨RGB Hall Sensing Joystick + Hall Trigger丨Crystal-Textured Keys
  • Multi-scenario Performance Mode Switching丨Unique G3x Gen 2 Performance Mode for Extreme Performance丨Optional Long Battery Life Gaming Mode
  • AYASpace Management Front-End + AYAHome Desktop Launcher丨Convenient Handheld Game Management
  • Support for Mobile Game Key Mapping to Physical Controller丨Brand New Key Mapping Feature to Assist Mobile Gaming with Precise Control

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