AYANEO Slide Price Release Date

The AYANEO Slide’s Price And Release Date Have Been Revealed

A full keyboard!

AYANEO has announced that AYANEO Slide pre-orders are now live with the company announcing the price and release date.

The AYANEO Slide will come in black and white and four configurations ranging from 16GB of memory and 512GB of storage to 64GB of memory and 4TB of storage. The Slide will be the first unit to come in AYANEO’s Remake range and it will come with insanely cute retro packaging as well.


The AYANEO Slide will release in December. You can pre-order it at Indiegogo here.

  • 16GB + 512GB – $699 USD (~$1,073 AUD)
  • 32GB + 512gB – $799 USD (~$1,226 AUD)
  • 32GB + 2TB – $959 USD (~$1,472 AUD)
  • 64GB + 4TB – $1,299 USD (~$1,994 AUD)
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The AYANEO Slide has a Ryzen 7 7840 U processor. It has a 6″ 1080p IPS display that can have its angle adjusted.

The huge difference with the AYANEO Slide is the fact that the screen slides up to reveal a full ergonomic keyboard, which is actually great as it solves one of the biggest issues that I’ve had with Windows handhelds to date which is the on-screen keyboard.

AYANEO Slide Features