Binge Price Increase

Binge Is Officially Getting Ads

For the basic tier.

Binge has announced that as of Thursday, March 30th, it will be adding ads to its basic tier, but it’s not all bad news as those on that same tier will also upgrade to a HD stream over the SD stream that they were previously getting.

It’s said that all content (except for movies and kids content) will have roughly a few minute sof ads per hour on on-demand content, and may vary depending on the type of content that you’re watching.

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Those that are on the Binge Standard and Premium subscriptions will continue to have an ad-free experience.

As of March 31st, the Binge tiers will be:

  • Basic ($10 per month) 1 stream/HD/ADs
  • Standard ($16 per month) 2 streams/HD
  • Premium 18 per month) 4 streams/HD

It’s very clear that streaming services all over the world are looking for ways to monetise, with Netflix recently coming down heavily on account sharing.