BOBOVR S3 Pro Review

BOBOVR Meta Quest 3 S3 Pro Strap Review – Breezy And Supportive

A must have

It’s been well documented that the strap that comes with the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3 aren’t super supportive, which has opened the door for a bunch of third-party strap creators such as BOBOVR, who has absolutely outdone themselves with the latest release, the S3 Pro.

From the outset, the S3 Pro doesn’t look too different from the M3 Pro with its halo-like head band. It goes over your head, and supports with a big crown on the back, which is even larger and more supportive on the S3 Pro. It then has two pads that side at the top of your head to take the weight off, and these can now be customised in height or removed totally if you’re not a fan of them.


The BOBOVR S3 Pro Meta Quest 3 strap has a built-in fan to keep you cool and a massive 10,000 mAh battery as well #MetaQuest3 #BOBOVR #BOBOS3Pro #S3Pro #VirtualReality #MixedReality #VR #Tech #Gaming

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The front and back are all fitted with a pleather that is super soft and supportive, and the bottom section of the back crown can be also be swapped out for a honeycomb material that is supposed to help with slipping if you’re somebody that plays a lot of active games. This system is fantastic and so much more comfortable than what’s included in the box. It takes all the pressure off your head.

BOBOVR S3 Pro Review

Really though, if you’ve used a BOBOVR strap with either the Quest 2/3 or most other third-party straps, this will be familiar to you, but the S3 Pro does a lot of other really cool stuff that hasn’t been seen before.

The S3 Pro includes a built-in air conditioning system that you can adjust in fan speed. It basically sucks in air and spouts it out onto your forehead through a filtered system that sits under the pleather. I’m not generally a sweaty person, so at first, I wasn’t sure if I needed this, but I noticed a big difference when turning it off and on.

BOBOVR S3 Pro Review

This is mostly due to the fact that the Meta Quest 3 actually does get quite hot after a bit of use to the point that you do feel it around your forehead, so the cool breeze provided by the S3 Pro almost cancelled this out. It obviously does make a tiny bit of noise, but you’ll only really notice it when playing quiet games.

The S3 Pro also comes with an external battery which is a must-have if you’re a Quest 3 user. The battery size has been doubled to 10,000 mAh which will give you somewhere between 3-4 hours of extra play-time with your Meta Quest 3. Surprisingly, the fan doesn’t seem to use that much battery at all.

BOBOVR S3 Pro Review

The battery magnetically attaches to the back of the unit and also helps counterweigh the front of the headset for a more comfortable fit. To check your charge level you can either press a button on the side of battery, but you also get an exact percentage on a display on the side of the headset strap as well.

The battery can be charged with the included USB-C cord, and BOBOVR is also releasing a magnetic charging dock that will able to charge the battery at a faster 30w (it’s limited to 15w by cord).

BOBOVR S3 Pro Review

The entire power system seems to be a lot smarter now with it charging your Quest 3 up to 100% and then going into reserve mode, so it’s ready for your next play session, or similarly, detecting if your Quest 3 is already fully charged when attached and auto powering off.

At $150, the BOBOVR S3 Pro is a must-have upgrade if you’re a new Meta Quest 3 owner. It makes for a lot more comfortable wearing, it adds a fan for times that you might want a bit of a cool breeze and the upgraded battery more than doubles the battery life.