Xbox Series S

Here’s A First Look At The Gorgeous New Carbon Black Xbox Series S

A better design and better value for money.

The Xbox Series S launched alongside the Xbox Series X, and I’ve often thought that it’s a great console. Even if not as your main next-gen console, for casual gamers or maybe those that want a console in their bedroom or office, it’s a great option due to its size and cost compared to the Xbox Series X and PS5.

The one bugbear with the original though, was without doubt the storage at 512GB with only about 360GB being useable, which will be eaten up very quickly if you’re installing games such as Call of Duty.

Xbox Series S

Another potential issue (up for debate) is the fact that it did have quite a polarising design due to it being white with a black grille, but both of these things have been rectified in the new Carbon Black Xbox Series S.

Just looking at the design, now in an all-black unit, this is definitely a sleeker design that screams high-end, comparing the two on a range of surfaces, it’s hard to imagine a world where someone wouldn’t pick the Carbon Black unit over the original. It follows the same design principles as it’s bigger brother which is a huge compliment given how nicely I think the Xbox Series X works in any entertainment unit.

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Aside from that, the big one is that for only $50 more, you’re getting double the storage, which is honestly a steal given the cheapest 1TB SSD that is compatible with the Xbox Series S is $300, so it’s a no-brainer to make that jump up rather than buying the base Xbox Series S.

You’re more than doubling the useable storage of 360GB to 800GB of useable space which in an all-digital console is a big deal, especially with the amount of great games hitting Game Pass at the moment.

Xbox Series S

More than anything though, it’s great to have choice. As we transition to a digital world, it’s great to see both big console manufacturers offering discless versions for less. You can grab the Xbox Series S 1TB Carbon Black off Amazon for $550 including free shipping HERE.


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