CRKD Neo S Controller

The CRKD Neo S Is A New Bluetooth Controller With Hall Effect Sticks And Triggers


CRKD, the company behind the Nitro Deck Nintendo Switch controller has announced its second product, the Neo S controller.

The controller is compatible with the Nintendo Switch, PC, mobile devices and smart TVs via Bluetooth connectivity. It has hall effect thumbsticks as well as hall sensor triggers. There’s also rear remappable buttons and you can quick-swap the thumbstick toppers as well with different colours and designs.

The Neo S also have an internal gyroscope so that you can use it with Switch games that need it to function. There’s also a Turbo Mode as well just like on the Nitrodeck.

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The Neo S will come in nine different colours when it releases in April 2024. It currently costs $54.99 USD (~$84 AUD) and can be pre-ordered HERE. An Australian local release is expected to happen at a later date.

  • Retro Gold Edition
  • Classic Clear Edition
  • Atomic Red Edition
  • Emerald Green Edition
  • Orange Zest Edition
  • Electric Pink Edition
  • Splatter Edition by POPeART
  • Blossom Edition by POPeART
  • Junkyard Edition by POPeART