Dbrand’s Spidey Inspired Design Has Rolled Out To Its Entire Range Of Devices


After launching the Arachnoplates for PS5 last year to rival Sony’s own Spider-Man PS5 Faceplates sold out instantly, Dbrand has now rolled out the design under a new range called Carnage to its entire line of products.

This includes cases for phones as well as skins for a range of devices including laptops, phones, the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X

You can find the entire range over on the Dbrand website HERE and if you missed out on the Arachnoplates least year, they’re still available for purchase HERE.


I highly recommend you visit the Carnage page here. Dbrand’s marketing is second to none in this space and tells the cool story of how the range came to be with some fancy graphics to boot.

Written on the website: “Back in 2023, we launched Arachnoplates: an entirely original design that was not at all inspired by [MEGACORP]’s understocked limited edition side panels for [GAMING CONSOLE]. Needless to say, our legally distinct, totally original idea was a big hit. So big, in fact, that we’re now taking that design and putting it on everything else you own. Our newly renamed Carnage skins represent our commitment to the two things we do best: customizing your devices, and giving multi-billion dollar enterprises more reasons to hate us.”


Dbrand’s Darkplates 2.0 improves the overall look of the PS5 and the matte middle skin looks stunning as well #PS5 #PlayStation #PlayStation5 #Dbrand #gaming #tech

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