Dbrand Retro PS5 darkplate

Dbrand’s New PS5 Covers Are Inspired By Retro Nintendo 64 Goodness


Dbrand, the company that holds absolutely no punches when it releases new products (still getting over its Tears of the Kingdom Switch skin) has announced its latest PS5 console covers and they’re extremely hot.

The range is aptly titled retro and takes us back to the 90s with translucent goodness, channeling the transparent colours of the Nintendo 64. The covers come in black, orange, purple and blue and will set you back $84 USD (~$124 AUD).

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Just like Dbrand’s other darkplates, the covers themselves are much more slimline, and you also get the middle piece to complete the look, and can buy a lightstrip pack to change the lights as well.

Even if you’re not purchasing, I highly recommend heading over to the Dbrand product page, as they always do such a great job of introducing these products.