Spider-man 2 dbrand faceplate

Dbrand’s Spider-Man 2 PS5 Faceplates Are Extremely Sexy

My cheeky senses are tingling

The cheekiest brand on the internet, Dbrand just dropped its own Spider-Man 2 (obviously not branded as such) PS5 faceplates. They are called the ‘Arachnoplates’ and also feature a middle skin as well as red light strips to complete the look.

They’ll be shipping on October 20th and you can pre-order them for $64.98 ($101.80 AUD) right HERE on Dbrand’s website.

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DBRAND SPider-Man faceplate

This comes after the official Spider-Man 2 Console Covers sold out almost instantly with no sign of return.

Dbrand posted the below message along with the reveal:

“The [POPULAR VIDEO GAME CONSOLE] maker [MEGACORP] failed to produce enough stock of their [LICENSED VIDEO GAME] side panels. Thanks for dropping the ball, you [SERIES OF EXPLETIVES].”

They’re only going to be on sale for a limited time only and you can grab them right HERE.