Discord Usernames

Discord Is Moving To A Proper Username System

Good move.

Eight years after launching, Discord has revealed that it is removing the four-digit portion of its usernames in favour of display names and more traditional usernames in-line with other social media platforms.

These new usernames will be limited to lowercase characters (a-z), numbers (o-0) and two special characters (period and underscore). Discord says that this change will allow you to actually remember your username, and have it be in-line with what it is on other platforms/games.

Discord Usernames

In addition to this, you’ll also be allowed to add a display name, that will be prominent on your profile, and allowed to be changed consistently. This can either be your name, or another name that you want to be called.  This will be your old username without numbers by default.

Discord will roll out this change over the coming weeks, starting with users that have been on the platform for the longest time. This is to ensure that those that have been on the platform the longest will have the best possible change to get the username that they’re after.

You can find more about the change in usernames HERE.