Dough Spectrum OLED

Dough’s New 27″ OLED Monitor Is Super Competitive And Nicely Designed

On paper it looks the goods.

Dough, the company formerly known as Eve has announced their next Spectrum monitor and its an OLED display that uses similar tech to LG’s recently announced 240Hz OLED monitors.

Dough’s 27″ OLED monitor is glossy, 1440P and 240HZ. It has 2x HDMI 2.1a ports, 1x Displayport, 1x USB Type C that provides 100w charging to your laptop as well as a built in USB hub with KVM switch. On paper, the specs are beyond what we’ve seen in LG’s OLED monitor (which has the same display).

It’s worth mentioning that Dough’s new OLED monitors are still in pre-production, so like with other products that they’ve released in the past, they’re likely to be a good while before they’re actually in users hands, but they are a lot cheaper and too offer some pretty competitive features.

Dough Spectrum OLED

Dough says that the new monitor will cost $649 USD (~$1000 AUD) in its pre-order phase which is well below the $1,000 USD (~$1,450 AUD) of LG’s variant. Once it gets closer to launch the Dough Spectrum OLED will also cost $1,099 USD. If you’re wanting to find out more information on the Dough Spectrum OLED or put your email in to get a pre-order link, you can do so right HERE.

The big question though is when will it ship, as whilst Dough has announced extremely nice-looking, competitive monitors in the past, they’ve really missed shipping deadlines (but what company hasn’t in the last few years).

I’ve been using a Dough Spectrum 4K For the last year or so, and it has its issues, but as far as design goes and functionality, it’s one of the best monitors I’ve used. It’s able to charge my MacBook Pro whilst providing image through a single USB-C cord and then also has a hub in the monitors for other USB-C/USB-A accessories, but it’s definitely with quirks.

Regardless, it’s an exciting time for the monitor space and it’s great to see OLED options as well as more 4K options coming down in price. CES is going to be an exciting event next year.