Epic’s New RealityScan iPhone App Turns Real-Life Objects Into 3D Models

This is cool!

Epic Games has dropped a brand new called RealityScan onto iPhones which guides you through the process of scanning in real-life objects and turning them into 3D models for video games or other models.

It’s a free download on iOS devices after it launched in beta in April.

As expected, scanning the objects in is quite complex requiring you take quite a few photos from a number of angles, but it also does a really great job at guiding you through the process.

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You can see it in use below:

Obviously, the scans aren’t perfected but this is the type of thing that I’d expect to get better over time, as it gets smarter and smarter.

The app is coming to Android in 2023, so hopefully not too much of a wait for those that want to get their hands on it.