Fake Verified Gaming Companies Are Already Causing Chaos On Twitter

Nintendo and Valve already taken aim!

The new Twitter Blue system went live this morning for $11.50 AUD allowing people to become verified with no identification checks and naturally, mock video game companies have already popped up with the signature blue tick.

An obvious spoof Nintendo account was the first to gain traction. Obvious in the sense that the content isn’t Nintendo’s own, but looking at the account itself, it looked to be verified and official from the name and blue tick alone.

Fake Nintendo Tweet

Fake Nintendo Tweet

The next was a Valve account with a verified tick that announced a new gaming platform that even prompted its own Resetera thread. This was much less of a spoof account by nature and was created to show how easy it’d be to replicate an official company and spread mis-information on Twitter.

Fake Valve Tweet

We’d expect there would be 100s more