Framework 120

Framework Is Adding A New 120hz Display Component And A Better Webcam

Faster and brighter!

Framework has announced its next bunch of components coming to its Laptop 13 system.

The biggest new module is a new 120hz 13.5-inch 2880×1920 display that has an increased brightness of 500 nits that you’ll be able to swap out from your 60hz display. There’s also a new webcam component with a 9.2MP image sensor to improve image quality as well.

As far as expansion cards go, there’s a new SD Expansion Card that’s now available for pre-order and a bunch of the existing ones come in four new colours (purple, green, red and orange).

As far as the mainboards go, you can now get a laptop with an Intel Core Ultra chip (which will come with the larger battery and new webcam), and they’ve also dropped the price on the AMD Ryzen 7040 series mainboards as well.

Just in case you haven’t heard about Framework before, this is a line of laptops that allow you to change out literally any component from the display, to the battery, to the webcam, to speakers and obviously memory and ram as well which are standard slot components.

You can read my review of the last Framework 13 HERE where I said: “The Framework Laptop 13 is an incredible product for multiple reasons. It provides an upgradable and hugely customisable laptop that functions well as an everyday device that you can take into the future with minimal waste.”

I highly recommend going over to the Framework website to read more about this if you’re interested.