Google Nest Wifi Pro

The Google Nest Wifi Pro Mesh Router Has Finally Arrived In Australia


A year after it released overseas, Google has announced that the Google Nest Wifi Pro mesh router system has made it way to Australia.

This is a special device for a few reasons. The first is that it has a really unique design that blends more into the home and the second is that it brings 6E technology to the Google Nest ecosystem.

Wi-Fi 6E takes advantage of a new 6 ghz radio band that is said to offer speed up to two times faster than Wi-Fi 6. The units also analyse your network performance and optimise the connection to keep it fast and avoid congestion.

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In a big improvement, each unit has two gigabit ethernet ports, so that you can connect wired devices to each unit individually.

The mesh system comes in a one pack for $349 or a three pack for $699 AU. Bing Lee currently have them for a little but cheaper and you can find them HERE.