Symfonisk Floor Stand Speake

IKEA’s New Sonos SYMFONISK Floor Lamp Speakers Would Make The Perfect Rear Surround Speakers

These are nice!

Three years after launching the SYMFONISK range which first incorporated Sonos technology into IKEA products, IKEA has now announced that SYMFONISK floor lamp speaker.

These don’t look too dissimilar to the existing SYMFONISK lamp speakers that existed, but they obviously are positioned to be free-standing rather than on a shelf and they also have a bamboo shade (but there’s different designs available too).

Symfonisk Floor Stand Speake

I can see this being a great addition for those that want two Sonos rears to pair with their Sonos soundbar, but don’t necessarily have any shelving units or don’t want to mount speakers on their wall.

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“We created the floor lamp speaker to sound great on its own but also to be versatile. It works seamlessly with all our Sonos speakers and is a great option for those who are looking to add rear speakers to their home theatre set-up, when paired with our soundbars such as Ray and Beam”, Says Sara Lincoln.

The new SYMFONISK floor lamp speaker will launch in IKEA stores and on the IKEA website in January 2023 at $260 USD ($380~ AUD).