Instax Mini 99

The INSTAX Mini 99 Has Been Revealed With A Bunch Of Analogue Customisation Options


Fujifilm has announced the INSTAX Mini 99 which brings a bunch of new analogue control methods to change the look of your instant photos.

The camera has a colour effect dial with six effects: Faded Green, Warm Tone, Light Blue, Soft Magenta, Sepia, and Light Leak which customise the photo before you take it.

It also has a manual vignette switch on the lens housing to add a faded shape around the image.  Other features include a brightness colour dial, shooting modes, focus modes, a self timer and a grip and tripod mount.


The INSTAX Mini 99 will release on April 4th for $279 AUD. A camera case will also release for $24.95 AUD alongside a mini album for $14.95 AUD.


Colour Effect Dial. This unique dial control has six Effects – Faded Green, Warm Tone, Light Blue, Soft Magenta, Sepia, and Light Leak –which allows the user to customise, create and curate a one-time only unique image. Driven

Manual Vignette Switch:  Located on the lens housing it can be used to add an artistic shaded frame around the image

Brightness Control Dial: This feature offers five distinct levels of brightness: the Light (“L+”) setting indicates the brightest exposure, the “L”, “D”, and “N” settings offer the normal range of brightness, and the Dark (“D-”) setting represents the darkest available brightness level.

Shooting Modes: A variety of shooting modes enhance the user experience, with Indoor Mode designed for low light situations, Sports Mode, which increases the shutter speed to grab the ideal action shot, Double Exposure Mode, which lets the user combine two images into one and Bulb Mode, which increases the amount of light let in when creating the image, creating a brightened effect on the print.

Focus Modes: The camera’s Landscape, Standard, and Macro Focus Modes are easily accessible by adjusting the lens dial. Landscape Mode focuses on subjects positioned at a distance reference of “3.0m and beyond”. Macro Mode is great for close-ups and selfies at a distance reference of “0.3m to 0.6m”. Users can select Standard Mode for everything in between.

Self-timer: The self-timer offers a convenient tool for shooting events or group photos, and mini 99’s flash controls include Auto mode, Fill-in (flash will always fire regardless of lighting), Red-eye Removal, or the option to turn the flash off, depending on the user’s lighting situation.

Grip and Tripod Mount: To enhance grip in even the most active image-making situations, mini 99 comes with a precision-milled, Base Grip with Tripod Mount that also acts as a grip when attached to the camera


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