JB Hi-Fi Perks Sale

JB Hi-Fi Has 25% Off TV And Soundbar Combos Today

JB, you've done it again.

JB Hi-Fi has continued its run of deals with it two other major deals getting put live today.

The first is today (Sunday) only and will get you 10% off any product (aside from the usual). You just need to use the code AFTERHOURSJAN when shopping for a range of products including games, TVs, headphones and more. This will end at Monday at 8am AEST. It excludes the usual products like gaming hardware and Apple products.

JB Hi-Fi 10% Off

The second stacks with the first and is 15% off TVs and soundbars when they’re purchased together and in the same transaction. This makes it 25% off the TV and soundbar when using code AFTERHOURSJAN. This deal lasts until February 1st, but if you’re wanting that extra 10% off you’ll need to purchase tonight.

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JB Hi-Fi TV Soundbar Deal

For instance, say you’re buying the Samsung S95 65″ OLED and pairing it with a Samsung B650 soundbar, you’ll get both of these for $2,591 once you take 25% off which is pretty damn impressive given the S95 is currently $2,995 on its own (and that’s down from $3,995)

Samsung TV Deals

Or just as another example, you can get a 65″ LG CS and an LG soundbar with a sub for $2,481 combined which again, is practically a soundbar free. This goes across literally any TV/soundbar pairing that you can add to cart from the same brand though.

Aussie Tech Facebook GroupLG CS Deal

Or lastly a Sony X90K 65″ TV and a Sony HTS100F soundbar for $1,869 combined which again is just madness.

Sony TV deal

Just be sure to add both a TV and soundbar from the same brand and also use AFTERHOURSJAN as the code.