Joipaw Is A Video Game Console For Dogs

Clever boy!

A U.K. startup called Joipaw is making a video game console as well as games that are aimed at dogs.

It’s being touted as the first dog health tracking platform that will lead to every dog on the planet living a healthier and happier life. This is done by gaming based workouts that train canines mentally and physically.

The system includes a dog-tailored touchscreen, a height-adjustable stand, speakers, a full HD camera and an automated treat dispenser including games such as whack-a-mole and a test that will require the dog to pick which side of an image contains more bubbles.

Naturally, when a dog succeeds at a game or challenge, the unit will dispense treats for the dog to reward it.

This data will sync up with an app in order to make sure that you’re staying on top of your dogs health.

It’s unclear when Joipaw will be releasing, but it seems like it’s being kickstarted.