Kogan Apple Vision Pro

Kogan Is Selling The Apple Vision Pro In Australia


The Apple Vision Pro is set to launch later this week in the US, but there’s been no confirmation of it coming to any other country including Australia, but that hasn’t stopped Aussie retailer Kogan popping it online.

Just like how they sell the Steam Deck and Steam Deck OLED, Kogan is selling the Apple Vision Pro starting at $6,349 AUD (not too bad of a comparison compared to the $3,500 USD that it’s being sold for overseas).

It’s complex though. Whilst a lot of people were quick to tell others to not buy a Steam Deck from the likes of Amazon or Kogan, I didn’t have a huge issue as Kogan had to assume responsibility for local warranty purposes and there wasn’t a lot that could go wrong, but I’m struggling to see how it’ll work for the Apple Vision Pro.

For one, the Apple Vision Pro is custom fitted with a scan that is performed on iPhones/iPads which ensures a perfect fit and also a great seal to not let light in. This isn’t mentioned on the Kogan listing anywhere, and there doesn’t seem to be any kind of sizing selection, meaning that it seems to be a one size fits all approach (and what size is that).

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Secondly, given the Apple Vision Pro is only available in the US, I have no doubts that things like the App store will probably be locked to US residents, but that’s a little bit easier to get around presumably.

Kogan has put this statement on its listing: “Please note: This is an international model. Certain content, applications or features may not be available in Australia and New Zealand.”

To be fair, there are still so many unknowns at this is a rare new product category for Apple and until the device releases, there will be so many nuances that we just don’t know about for weeks and months to come.