Lenovo Legion GO Lite

A Lenovo Legion Go Lite Is Apparently On The Way


The Lenovo Legion Go is the biggest Windows PC on the market and it looks like Lenovo is set to launch a potentially smaller version.

According to Windows Central, a Lenovo Legion Lite is set to be revealed and whilst there’s not a lot of information, it sounds as though it will have the same AMD Z1 processor, and the Lite name tells us it might be smaller and cheaper, potentially doing away with its removable controllers.

The original Lenovo Legion Go did a lot of things different to the likes of the ASUS ROG Ally and AYANEO devices which its larger 8.8-inch screen and removable controllers.

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The Windows handheld market still seems to be booming with ASUS set to reveal the ASUS ROG Ally X later this week with a much larger 80wh battery life, more memory, improved ergonomics and a new black design.

In our review of the original, we said: “The Lenovo Legion Go is a great handheld that tries to do things differently and goes a long way in succeeding. It offers a huge amount of control options and has a fantastic display, and could be unstoppable with some minor software improvements.”