Lenovo Mini LED

Lenovo’s New Mini LED Monitors Can Provide 140w Of Power Over USB-C

These are hot.

Lenovo has announced two new Mini LED monitors that will be able to provide a huge 140w of power over USB-C, which to my knowledge is the most amount of power that I’ve seen a monitor supply to a laptop through USB-C.

The new Lenovo 27″ ThinkVision P27pz-30 and 31.5″ P32pz-30 have a USB4 compatible port which means it can provide up to 40Gbps of data and video as well as 140w of power.

This technically means that the monitors will be able to daisy-chain two monitors whilst still leaving enough bandwidth for its USB hub and to power the connected laptop.

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Lenovo Mini LED

Whilst these won’t really be gaming monitors, they will be great for creativity with 600 nits of brightness or 1,200 with HDR10.

The two new Mini LED monitors are set to launch in August in the US. the 31.5″ model will be roughly $1,599 USD (~$2,400 AUD) with the 27″ yet to be priced.

We’ll keep you posted when we get more information about Lenovo’s new Mini LED monitors next year.