LG 2024 QNED TVs

LG’s 2024 QNED TV Range Includes A 98-Inch Whopper And A New Version Of WebOS


LG has announced its 2024 lineup of QNED TVs ahead of CES 2024 and there’s some big improvements. Whilst the company hasn’t announced its 2024 OLED line-up yet, it’s expected that many of these improvements will also come to that line of TVs.

2024 QNED TVs will come with the new A8 AI Processor which includes 1.3x increase in AI performance, 2.3x enhancement in graphic performance and a 1.6x processing speed.

The new line-up will include a range of sizes from 43-inches all the way to 98-inches, which makes for the largest LG TV to date.

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New 2024 LG QNED TVs will come with a new version of WebOS which includes personalisation through user profiles as well as personalised recommendations based on each user. There’s also a new DynamicQ Card system that splits apps into groups such as home office, sports and games.

These improvements will also come to 8K models launched in 2022 as well as additional models in the range at a later date.

We’d expect the 2024 LG OLEDs to be announced in the coming days including the G4 and C4 and you’ll be able to follow our CES coverage HERE.