LG’s Bendable OLED Flex TV/Monitor Hybrid Is Coming To Australia And Here’s The Price And Release Date


Along the announcement of its 2023 TV range, LG has announced that its OLED Flex monitor/TV hybrid is coming to Australia.

The 42″ bendable display is set to launch in Australia in July for $4,999 AUD. Similar to the Corsair Xeneon Flex that we reviewed this year (that had a bendable LG OLED panel), the display can go between completely flat an a 900R curve by pressing on the remote control. It’s able to stop in between the two at 20 difference intervals and the height can be highly figured for the best viewing angle.

The device features HDMI 2.1 ports and can switch between being a monitor and TV with LG’s smart apps and streaming services included. There’s a feature that allows the screen size to go from 42 inches to 32″ or 27″.

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It also has build in front-firing speakers and a microphone with noise cancellation, as well as lighting on the back that can mimic what is being displayed on screen for ambient backlighting. It’s said that the screen has an anti-reflective coating to ensure that you can see what’s happening on-screen no matter how much bend has been applied.