LG’s OLED M TV Receives Video And Audio Wirelessly Through A Zero Connect Box


In addition to its regular 2023 OLED lineup, LG has announced its 2023 signature OLED M TV and it takes a page out of Samsung’s book (and even takes things further), with a wireless one connect box called Zero Connect that is able to wirelessly transmit the signal up to 30 feet.

This 97″ OLED TV is able to pass over all video and audio connections through the box that looks to be a bit bigger than Samsung’s One Connect box. There’s three HDMI connections (all capable of 4K/120) along with USB ports and an antenna port.


The display itself is 4K and 120Hz so there seems to be no visible loss from the wireless transmission and obviously, unlike the completely battery powered OLED that we wrote about earlier this week

, there still will be a power cable that powers the TV directly.

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Obviously, this OLED is probably going to be too expensive for most consumers, and whilst I’m so happy to see OLED tech providing these possibilities, I’m not super sure how useful this is over Samsung’s One Connect integration that still only has one power cord.

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LG was also transparent about the fact that it didn’t have any stats on latency, so for gaming, I’m not too sure how it’ll pan out, but this is a real product, releasing in 2023.

We’ll let you know when we do get local pricing for LG’s signature OLED M just in case it is in the price range of the average user.