LG’s SC9S Flagship Soundbar Just Got An Australian Price

Includes a bracket!

LG has announced that its flagship SC9S soundbar will cost $1,499 AUD in Australia. The soundbar brings a number of features to LG’s new soundbar and naturally, it pairs perfectly with the LG C2/C3.

Similar to Samsung’s Q-Symphony feature, the SC9S has WOW Orchestra which will sync both the soundbar and TV’s audio channels to make use of all of them together for an improve audio experience in terms of height, depth and power. WOWCAST will also allow the soundbars to connect wirelessly to provide a cable-free experience.


A common complaint in previous years from a design point of view has been how LG’s soundbars don’t fit under OLED TVs, but this is set to change in 2023. The new LG SC9S soundbar will include a bracket that can attach to LG’s C-series OLED TVs (from 2023/2023) to not only provide the best height, but also make it look integrated into the TV. You’ll be able to mount the soundbar to the TV both on an entertainment unit or on a wall mount as well.

In terms of actual sound features, LG has announced LG Triple Sound technology which will have three up-firing speakers. Triple Sound optimiser will convert two-channel audio into multi-channel surround and LG AI Sound Pro will try and improve any audio before it comes out your speakers.

There’s no release date for the LG SC9S but we’d expect it to be releasing in the coming weeks.