LIFX Z Strip & A60 Bulb Review – Liven Up Your Gaming Area

If you’re looking for an easy way to liven up your living area or office space, then look no further, because the LIFX range of smart light products are a fantastic way to do so.

The best part about the LIFX products is that they don’t need any kind of hub. They operate on your wifi network, which means that you can just plug and play the products that you desire without any hidden costs. They cooperate really well with the likes of Google Home as well as Apple Homekit and once again, you don’t need anything extra to use the lights with these devices.

I have to admit that there is a little bit more of a delay than what I’ve been used to with other products, but this could just be down to the fact that I’ve got a lot of products running on my router.

As far as the LIFX app goes, it’s pretty fantastic as well. There’s a bunch of pre-set colour themes and you can set both the globes and the strip to automatically come on in the morning and follow a pre-set path of warm/cool light (based on time of the day) before slowly turning off in the evening.


I opted to place this behind my 65″ TV. It took a 2m strip as well as a 1m extension, which easily stuck to the back of my TV (arounds the top and sides). This resulted in an incredibly bright and vivid backlight that made absolutely anything on my TV pop. The strip is so bright that I normally have it running at about 50% at night. I’d be confident that at 100%, you could run them during the day time.

The LIFX Z Strip is different to similar products for the fact that you can easily customise literally every individual LED in the strip. This means that you can have different colours on the sides/top as opposed to the entire strip being one colour. Obviously, if you’re looking to have a cold or warm white running, it still looks fantastic too. This is what I have running most of the time and it not only lights up the room, but makes everything on the screen absolutely pop.


The A60 bulb is a fantastic way to turn absolutely any lamp into a smart lamp. As mentioned before, you don’t need any extra hub which means that you can literally purchase one of these and plug it into any compatible screw lamp in order to completely change the lighting of your living room.

It’s incredibly bright and can be customised to show over 16 million colours. I’ve got both the A60 bulb and the LIFX Z light strip positioned next to each other, which works well as you can control both devices together using either the LIFX app or the Apple Home app.

Overall, if you’re looking for a way to get into the smart home market (it’s extremely addictive), there’s no better way than with LIFX. You literally just need to purchase the products you need without any hidden costs and they’re incredibly easy to set up and control with the LIFX app or the smart speakers that you’ve got lying around the house.