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The Meta Quest 2’s GPU Just Got More Powerful With A Software Update

We'll take it.

This is something you don’t see every day. Meta has announced that the Meta Quest 2’s GPU is getting 7% more powerful with a software update.

In an update posted on the company’s website, Meta says that developers can now start taking advantage of a new 525 MHz GPU frequency up from 490 MHz. No coding is needed with the dynamic clocking system automatically increasing frequency as it detects that an app will benefit from it.

This will start to take effect for users with software v49. When it comes to how this will improve games, Meta said that “increased GPU power should improve your ability to leverage higher pixel density without substantially reducing the resolution in order to hit the target frame rate. This means your apps’ visuals will look even better—without sacrificing resolution quality.”

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Meta said that despite the increase in performance, impact to battery life should be minimal or not at all, so it’s all positive.

The Meta Quest 2 is available for $628 for the 128gb version. You can find it on Amazon HERE.