Meta Quest 2 Deal

The Meta Quest 2’s Price Drop Has Hit Aussie Stores


UPDATE: The Meta Quest 2 price drop has hit Australian stores. You can now get the 128GB version from Amazon for $509 and the 256GB for $589. This is a price drop of $120 and $200 respectively.

ORIGINAL STORY: In addition to announcing the Meta Quest 3, Meta also announced big changes for the Meta Quest 2 both in the way of price, but also a surprising announcement about a performance increase.

To sit alongside the new Meta Quest 3 which will retail for $829 AUD when it launches later this year, the Meta Quest 2 will get a significant price drop down to $299.99 USD (~$457 AUD) for the 128GB version and $349 USD (~$533 AUD) for the 256GB version as of June 4th.

That’s not all though, the Meta Quest 2 will get a performance increase of up to 26% on the CPU side and an up to 19% increase on the GPU side, with Dynamic Resolution Scaling also getting enabled, so games will be able to take advantages of all of these features after an upcoming update hits.

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Certainly not something we see every day in the console space, especially as the company just announced a new headset, but will be much welcomed by those that own the Meta Quest 2.