Meta Quest Plus Australia

Meta Quest+ Is A New Monthly VR Subscription Service

This is neat!

Not to be outdone by every other tech company having a subscription service, Meta has today announced Meta Quest+, a new VR subscription service.

In the same way that the likes of PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass work, Meta Quest owners will pay $7.99 USD (~$11 AUD) per month and will then get two games each month that the Quest owner can keep for as long as they stay subscribed.

At the time of writing, it appears that this will only be available in the US, with the AU store not mentioning the subscription service at all. There is a $1 launch offer in the US, so hopefully that comes here.

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Those those games are Pistol Whip + Pixel Ripped 1995 for July and Mothergunship: Forge and Walkabout Mini Golf in August.

Personally, I really like this concept. It’s a great way to keep people coming back to VR which has notoriously been a piece of tech that a lot of people purchase and stick in a drawer.

It’s great timing with the Meta Quest 3 releasing later this year as well. That’ll set you back $830 when it launches in Spring. You can find more info about that HERE.