Meta Threads

Meta Threads Is Now Live In Australia

Grab it!

It’s been an eventful week for Meta. After months of rumblings, the company has finally released its Twitter competitor, Threads. As of right now, you can download the app and pull your Instagram profile across. You can find my profile and follow it right HERE or Always-On HERE.

It’s super seamless to use if you’re already an Instagram user, with the ability to automatically follow anyone who has/joins Threads and your profile/information all being pulled across automatically as well.

META Threads

It absolutely looks like Twitter, with people posting both text and image based posts and others replying (in a thread). You can repost each thread and share it over DM as well. When viewing someone’s profile specifically, you can see their threads as well as their replies to people.

Just like Twitter, you can also dictate who can reply to your thread, be it anyone, profiles you follow or those that are mentioned only as well.

You can grab the app from the iOS App Store HERE and the Google Play Store HERE.