Mujjo Leather Case Review

Mujjo iPhone 15 Pro Leather Case Review – Premium Look And Feel

The best iPhone 15 Pro leather case

Apple’s leather cases have been a staple of iPhone launches since the original, but the company famously ditched leather across its entire accessory line this year in favour of its new FineWoven line.

I’ve been using a FineWoven case and MagSafe wallet for the last week, and I do think the negativity has been overblown as both of my still look brand new and feel really great in the hands, but it’s definitely not leather. It doesn’t feel like leather in the hands, doesn’t give off that same premium, high-end look and there’s no getting away from the fact that people will want that.

Mujjo Leather Case Review

There’s never been a lack of leather cases from third-party suppliers in the past, but it was hard to go past Apple’s own just due to the fit and functionality that it provided, but now that that is no longer an option, the door is open for companies like Mujjo to really fill the gap left in the market, and with the all-leather iPhone 15 Pro case, it’s done just that.

I actually used the same case on my iPhone 14 Pro last year, so whilst I’m only a little bit of time into my iPhone 15 Pro journey, I can say with absolute confidence that this case will wear well over time and also protected my iPhone from a number of bumps.

Mujjo Leather Case Review

The actual design of the case is gorgeous, with only the smallest embossed Mujjo logo being at the bottom of the case. It’s probably the least offensive case that I’ve ever used in terms of branding, even less so than Apple’s own cases. It comes in black, burgundy and monaco blue.

The iPhone 15 Pro saw a number of design changes, which we now know that a lot of company’s got right and others got totally wrong, but Mujjo got it nearly perfect. As far as fit goes, it feels really snug without being too painful to get on and off, but I will say that the case feels quite sharp and square, like the iPhone 14 Pro did.

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I’m not sure if this was a design decision by Mujjo or they just didn’t want to risk it in advance with the minor curve on the iPhone 15 Pro, but it definitely feels squarter in the hands. It’s not a bad thing by any mean, but it definitely takes away from the new softer iPhone 15 Pro design a little. No case is ever going to feel the same in the hands, but I would have maybe loved to see just a little bit of a curve.

Mujjo Leather Case Review

What Mujjo did absolutely nail though is the mechanical buttons which provide great distinction in pressing between the volume buttons and action buttons, which is really important as a lot of other cases on the market went wrong either providing a cut-out where there should have been a button, or getting the positioning slightly off, but here it feels perfect.

Another great element of the case is the super raised rear-camera bump, which extends out even further than Apple’s FineWoven case. I’m always super cautious of my camera lenses getting scratched when placing the iPhone down, but this takes away that fear.

Mujjo Leather Case Review

The case has MagSafe compatibility built in, but it is a little bit weaker than I’d have liked. I’m not sure if this is due to the leather, and there definitely wasn’t any instance where it fell of a dock, but it just felt like it required a little bit more precision to place it in the variety of docks around my house and didn’t leave me with the comfort of that satisfying click when placing.

Really though, if you’re after a leather case, I believe that this is the best choice on the market. It’s $10 cheaper than Apple’s FineWoven case, so price isn’t an issue either. The iPhone 15 Pro version is available on Amazon HERE and the 15 Pro Max version is available on Amazon HERE.