Nacon revolution 5 Pro

The Nacon Revolution 5 Pro Is A New PS5 Pro Controller With No Stick Drift


Nacon has today announced the Revolutio 5 Pro. It’s a PS5 Pro controller that will be releasing in October for $200 USD (~$311 AUD) in black and white combinations.

It’s a little different to other PS5 controllers in the fact that it has magnetic hall effect analogue sticks and triggers which means that it shouldn’t have stick drift, and the triggers should be long lasting.

Just like other pro controllers, it has a trigger blocker to change your trigger length, wireless connectivity and comes with a variety of weights, stick sizes and stick heads. It will be customisable in more than 60 ways.

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The battery life is rated at roughly 10 hours which is a decent improvement. It will also have a dedicated PC/Mac app at launch with an Android and IOS app to be available in 2024.

You can find out more information on Nacon’s website HERE and we’ll keep you posted when we have more information about the Australian launch.