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The Nintendo Switch 2 Is Apparently Targeting A March 2025 Release And Was Delayed To Avoid Stock Shortages

Japanese news publication Nikkei has provided more context over why the Nintendo Switch 2 has likely shifted from this year to next year.

The publication reports that Nintendo internally delayed the hardware to March 2025 (at the earliest) to ensure that there is enough initial inventory for the console as well as a software of titles that are ready in time for launch.

“Priority was given to ensure the initial inventory of the successor console and a lineup of software titles at the time of its launch” said Nikkei. The company also goes on to note that March 2025 isn’t set in stone and it could slip further than this. Obviously, the company doesn’t want a repeat of what we s aw with the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S where stock was sold out for well over a year. The

Nikkei also went on to corroborate past reports of the console being a hybrid portable-home console like the Nintendo Switch and also said that it will have a larger screen than the Nintendo Switch’s 6.2-inch display, which we already know is rumoured to be an 8-inch LCD display. 

It’ll be interesting to see how early we hear about the Nintendo Switch 2 if it doesn’t release until March 2025. If it follows a similar pattern to the original console, we might get a tease later this year before a full reveal early next year.


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