PS5 Slim

Our First Look At The PS5 Slim With Detachable Disc Drive May Have Just Arrived

The first leak has arrived!

A new PS5 model with a detachable disc drive has been rumoured for the last year or so, but our first look may have just arrived in the form of both a photo (of what looks to be packaging) as well as a video of the shell of the unit.

If these are to be believed, they match up with rumours that the new PS5 will be shipped without a disc drive, which will technically make it slimmer, with PlayStation to sell the disc drive separately.

This change is denoted in the fact that the faceplate now appears to be split into four units, one which clear pulls away to add the disc drive unit onto the actual console.

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Other changes include two USB-C ports on the front (bye, bye USB-A) as well as the console itself being 5cm shorter. From what we can tell, the unit doesn’t appear to be much slimmer (if at all) with the actual disc drive attached.

It’s rumoured that this console will be coming later this year as a way for Sony to save on manufacturing costs due to not needing to produce two seperate consoles.


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