Paleblue REview

Paleblue Batteries Are A Great USB Rechargeable Alternative

Need these in your home!

Whilst I was big on rechargeable batteries when Apple dropped their set, and they were all the rage, admittedly, for the few devices that still use regular batteries (such as Xbox controllers and my smart doorbell), I’d gone back to regular batteries, but that all changed with the recent discovery of Paleblue rechargeable batteries.

I tested both the AAA and AA form factors but there’s also a heap of other battery types as well, as well as entire kits that include a range of batteries so that you’ll never have to buy single use again.

Paleblue REview

Paleblue is a line of rechargeable batteries that cleverly charge over USB-C, which is something that I hadn’t seen before. Each individual battery has a USB-C port and can be charged with the included four to one cord that connects to each battery at one end and a standard charger at the other.

Each battery lasts up to 1,000 single uses, so whilst the initial outlay of $50 (Mwave currently have them for a bargain $35) seems a bit expensive, you can take comfort in the fact that you’ll get to use them over and over again.

Paleblue REview

The actual charging process is super simple with each battery flashing green whilst charging and then a solid light once charged, so there’s no guesswork there. Each battery charges to full in under an hour and this is apparently because they are an advanced lithium battery rather than Ni-Mh which is what other rechargeable batteries seem to be.

My only minor gripe is that whilst the four batteries connect over USB-C, the other end is a USB-A and whilst it’s easy enough to find a charger than has a USB-A connection, I’m really trying hard to move to USB-C, and it’s not as if you can find a USB-C cord with four connections at one end, so hopefully this gets changed soon.

The full Paleblue rechargeable battery range can be found over at MWAVE HERE.