PlayStation Pulse Elite Review

PlayStation Pulse Elite Headset Review – The Best Value For Money Headset

The best PS5 headset at this price point

PlayStation has been on a bit of a roll with hardware lately with the fantastic PlayStation Portal releasing lately as well as the PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds, which marked the company’s first in-ear gaming buds release, but the PlayStation Pulse Elite headset might just be its best piece of hardware in a while.

Just like the PlayStation Pulse Explore buds, the headset uses PlayStation Link technology which on the outside doesn’t look too different from your regular dongle but it provides low latency and lossless audio when used with your PS5 or PC. I was eager to see how this worked given I already had a dongle connected to my PS5 from the Pulse Explore buds, and it seamlessly connected to the existing PlayStation Link dongle, I was then able to use my other one with my PC and seamlessly go between the two devices. If you’re using a PlayStation Portal, this is one of only two headsets that can connect directly to it which is super seamless.

PlayStation Pulse Elite Review

The headset also have dual bluetooth connectivity which allows you to connect to your mobile device as you connect to your PS5 and just like with the Pulse Explore buds, every single time that I turned my headset on, it would instantly connect to my phone which is exactly what I want from a simultaneous connection. I’m a big multitasker, and also someone that takes quite a few calls whilst gaming, so to have my phone seamlessly connected at all times is a big one.

PlayStation Pulse Elite Review

In terms of comfort, the Pulse Elite headset is one of the most comfortable gaming headsets that I’ve ever put on my head. It’s super light and the cups are incredibly wide to the point that they don’t feel like they’re pushing on my head at all. I literally forgot that I was wearing them half of the time. The rubber band at the top has a good amount of give to provide great comfort no matter your head type.


In terms of buttons on the headset, you’ve got a button that acts as a power button and a PlayStation Link pairing button (which can be a little bit finicky at times) as well volume up and down buttons. There’s also a mute button on the actual boom microphone (more on that later), and I’d really love to have seen chat/game audio control buttons like there is on the H9 as that’s really the only thing that I can fault the headset for.

PlayStation Pulse Elite Review

The headset comes with a wireless charger which uses a similar mechanism to that of the DualSense or PlayStation VR2 Sense controller charging station. This little puck screws into a wall or a desk, and allows you to hang the headset onto the charger to easily keep it charged. I’d love to see PlayStation release a stand that it can clip onto (or I’m sure we’ll see others make one) as for me, it’s a big ask to attach this to a wall or desk, but it’s an absolutely fantastic inclusion and a great way to keep the headset charged.

Even though there’s a wireless charger included, the headset has. 30 hour battery life with you able to get two hours of play out of a ten minute charged, which should mean that you won’t need to be charging all that often, if at ever with the included wireless charger. It’s super impressive to have such a lengthy battery life in a headset this light and comfortable.

PlayStation Pulse Elite Review

Just like the Pulse Explore headsets, the Elite uses planar magnetic drivers which promises crisp and clear audio and that’s exactly what the Pulse Elite headset delivers, comparing to the H9 headset, everything just sounded that little bit crisper on the Pulse Elite, with gunshots or voices coming through without any kind of distortion. Similarly, listening to audio through my iPhone also was an enjoyable experience and whilst I probably wouldn’t wear them out in public, they’re great for moving away from your console and keeping them connected to your phone to listen to music around the house.

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I really noticed an improvement in 3D audio as well, comparing to other several headsets that I own, with the directional audio really sounding more prominent using this headset than others. It’s hard to put into words what made the entire audible package sound so fantastic, but it just had a richness that I haven’t heard in a gaming headset before.

PlayStation Pulse Elite Review

This is made all that better by the ability to change your EQ settings through the PS5 directly, which was added as a software updated after I reviewed the Pulse Explore buds. Whilst they’re a good amount louder than the Pulse Explore buds out of the box, if you’re someone who likes audio to be really loud, you can up this through the EQ settings, but obviously you’ll get a little bit more distortion. With the planar magnetic drivers, the only drawback is bass, which is definitely there, but it’s not the fullest audio that I’ve heard when it comes to bass, although again, you can adjust this to your liking, and I’d still take them over any other gamin headset in this price range.


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Similarly, listening to audio through my iPhone also was an enjoyable experience and whilst I probably wouldn’t wear them out in public, they’re great for moving away from your console and keeping them connected to your phone to listen to music around the house.

PlayStation Pulse Elite Review

The Pulse Elite has a boom microphone which uses AI noise cancelling to cut out any background noises, and it did a fairly decent job at sending my voice to other people in my party as well as canceling out any background noise. It’s not the best boom microphone that I’ve ever used, but again at $239, I can’t think of a headset I’d recommend that I’d recommend over it when it comes to how the microphone performs.

If you’re a PS5 owner looking for a fantastic headset around the $200 mark, I really can’t think of another headset that comes close to this in terms of compatibility with the PS5 whilst ticking every box from functionality to sound. It’s another well thought out PS5 accessory from PlayStation and will add to any gaming experience on the console.

PlayStation Pulse Elite Review
The PlayStation Pulse Elite headset is the best value for money headset available for the PS5. It offers fantastic audio quality, simultaneous Bluetooth connectivity, stellar battery life and a wireless charger in the box to enhance and simplify your gaming experience.
Fantastic Sounding Audio
The Mic AI Noise Cancellation Is Decent
Great Comfort And Fit
Wireless Charger And Battery Life Are Great
Didn't Love
Would Have Loved Game/Chat Audio Slider
The Cheapest Price